Kamikaze 33A BLheli ESC (X1 V2)

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The new Kamikaze ESC range delivers up to 6S capabilities, with reduced heat through using thicker copper on the PCB and also using larger Mosfets. 

On board there is a F396 MCU, giving unparalleled stability and performance.

There is also glass diodes on the board to protect against back voltage and thus reducing noise from voltage spikes during dampened light use. This will help if you have a noisy video setup.

The ESC will autodetect Multishot, there is no more need for flashing and changing firmware to get multishot working. 

QFN5x6 Power Mosfet instead of the tiny QFN 3x3 Mosfet that others are using.

Input voltage up to 24.8V.6S

This ESC has been fully tested on the Shuriken X1 V2 and is part of the V2 upgrade kit with Multishot and mostly fixes the Yaw Twitch issue. 


  • F396 MCU

  • Oneshot / Multishot Autodetect 

  • 30A Max (6S)

  • 15*30mm

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