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Since the born of the BETAFPV brushed F3 EVO flight controller, many whoop pilots give us their advice and ideas. The rear mounting point is concerned mostly.

The "high brightness LEDs" are awesome. It fits an inductrix frame perfectly. I thought I was going to have to shave off a hair from the back screw post, but it turns out, I didn't need to "mod" the frame in any way for this FC to fit. Would/will highly recommend.      --------- by Ilikecmyk

This does not fit the stock inductrix frames. There is no rear hole for the grommet and screw on the board. It would require cutting the rear mounting post on the frame for the board to lay flat. My concern is, even if you cut the peg, you're losing one mounting point, allowing the frame to flex and or cause vibrations.     ----------- by Trike