Actuna Pagoda-2B FPV 5.8GHz RHCP (SMA)

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Actuna Pagoda's are dedicated 5.8 GHz band FPV video transmission and reception specialists. We are proud to bring you the only Pagoda on the market.

Polarization: Omnidirectional circular RHCP

vSWR < 1.2 (in the center of the band)

Each antenna is tuned and measured individually and gets its own unique "ID TAG."
The "ID TAG" consists of a serial number and the minimum and maximum SWR for that specific antenna, so you can be sure to use it in the right range.
This allows you to select the channel for best transmitter parameters, which allows you to get the best image and greater distance.

Each antenna has a cover printed from ABS, and will be able to handle the abuse of FPV use.