Actuna VeeMini V2 (55mm)

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Actuna Vee mini FPV antenna is designed for small drones, for example, all kinds of QX or micro racers.  

Actuna Vee mini FPV antenna is tuned for the 5,8 GHz band and utilises flexible cable allowing it to withstand the regular;ar abuse of FPV.

All of our antennas are trimmed to the middle of the 5,8 GHz band and every antenna is measured and gets its own "ID TAG".
The "ID TAG" has the serial number and the minimum and maximum SWR.

This allows you to select the channel for best transmitter parameters, which allows you to get the best image and greater distance.


  • Weight: under 0,5g
  •  Antenna gain: 2,15 dBi
  • Polarization: linear and circular
  • vSWR: < 2,0