JohnnyFPV Freestyle Propeller by AZURE POWER (4 Prop Pack)

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The JohnnyFPV Freestyle Propeller. Developed by AZURE POWER in collaboration  with Johnny Schaer. With an extremely light weight feel, smooth performance for the best possible image quality and industry leading acceleration. We would like to introduce the fruits of our labor.
Taking in to consideration the necessary properties for the best freestyle performance, we tested many propeller shapes, and redesigned the airfoil of the blades to have the smoothest possible lift curve. We also highly focus on the balance of the propeller, to ensure the drone images are as crisp and jitter free as can possibly be. Making your video more Juicy!
With this brand new design, the JohnnyFPV Freestyle props will give you the best in smoothness, acceleration, and like all Azure Power props, amazing durability.


Length:   4.8"

Pitch:      3.8"

Material:  Polycarbonate

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