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Got a Non UFPV Nirvana and want to run the UFPV Update tool?

Pick from 3 options:

1. Just the firmware.

2. Firmware plus a UndergroundFPV neck strap.

3. The UndergroundFPV upgrade kit with both a neck strap and a stiff spring upgrade kit.

**As our way of saying thanks for the support all firmware upgrades come with a Limited Edition UFPV Nirvana Neckstrap**

Because of the many requests from non UFPV Users wanting to run the UFPV firmware tool, now you can purchase access to the tool and upgrade your unit. 

Paying for the tool supports the development of the Nirvana platform allowing us to design and make better add on's and develop the firmware further. 

Stay updated with the latest updates, and also get access to the UFPV Dedicated support group on Facebook when getting this tool. 

For a limited time we will be running it at the discounted rate, after that the price will go back up. 

Once you order, we will be in touch and activate your UID in our system so you can update with ease. (Adding your UID in the notes in your checkout cart will speed up the activation process.) 

Firmware Tool Download here:

Update Procedure. 
1: Update without batteries (Please use the USB cable provided)
2: Open the Update tool on your computer
3: press the hidden DFU button under the neck hook as shown in the video below while plugging in the USB (Same as you would on a flight controller)
4: The screen will be off in DFU Mode but your PC should detect the unit being plugged in. If the unit powers up, unplug it and try again its not in DFU if the unit powers up
5: run the update tool
6: Follow the prompts and unplug the unit when prompted (It just updated your USB)
7: Flash the firmware again, after restart you will notice the new Boot screen this will update the firmware (You only need to do this when updating from Non UFPV firmware)
8: Update the SD card files, you would have been sent those when you placed the order. 
9: Join the private facebook group for support. 
9: Go fly and enjoy your Nirvana

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