Nano F3 20X20 FC

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F3 mini Flight Control  
 F3 +BEC
 Input: 2-4S LIPO
Output Voltage:    5V/3A  
MPU6000 Accelerometer
MicroUSB socket.
M3 mounting hole: 20mm x 20mm
With all these small frames coming out, you need smaller boards and stacks to fit in these smaller frames. 
One of the benefits of this board is that it can plug and play with the Cicada 10A 4/1 ESC, which means you can just plug it in to the ESC and not have to solder all the tiny wires to make it work, eliminating errors in soldering and also makes your build much faster to do. 
The onboard BEC also allows you to have enough 5v current to power your peripherals, such as reciever, cam and vtx. (Be sure to use an extra CAP for filtering if your powering your video system from this board)