Racekraft 5046 TCS Freestyle Props

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Want Prop Awesomeness? Well Here you Go!

The New Racekraft 5046 is designed to maximize efficiency. Custom Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) programs were developed to design the RK 5046TCS.

A Vortex Lattice Method was used to develop the flow around the propeller which performance estimates can be derived from. Viscous effects are accounted for using airfoil 2D section data gathered from NACA databases or derived from using 2D airfoil programs such as XFOIL. A design for maximum efficiency is ensured by manipulating blade geometry to meet the Betz condition. Betz condition requires each shedding vortex at each station along the blade shedding off as a perfect helical screw. 

This design process allows us to design propellers optimum for certain use cases. The RK 5046 is designed for the multirotor racer as well as the Freestyle pilot. This use needs a fast propeller with control throughout the throttle range. A Racer and Freestyle propeller also needs to be extremely durable and not break when hitting other racers in the air or gates to stay in the air longer.
The number 5046TCS is derived from the propellers diameter (5.0”) and the propellers advance ratio (J = 0.46) which gives us 5046. 

The RK 5046 will give you the power, control, and durability you need to win a race as well as do some awesome Freestyle flying.

Now the Only Decision is which Colour!

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