Shipping Options

Our Shipping Options Explained

**These are rough guidelines, we do our best to ship as fast as we can on our side but sometimes we cant control the weather, or busy periods such as holiday's etc or your local delivery agent**

Hopefully you have gotten to the end of your checkout and have completed your purchase. 
If you have landed here, its because you want a bit more info on our shipping. 

  • Local airmail with no tracking
    This service is your regular airmail service using the china post shipping service. This is the same method of shipping as Bangood. 
    Parcels on this will take around 4 weeks to arrive at your doorstep and will not have a tracking number. We don't recommend it for items you want fast or of high value.  

  • Airmail with tracking
    This is expedited airmail with a tracking number. 
    Expect this service to take around 1-2 weeks to arrive at your doorstep and can be tracked via china post and your local tracking company when it reaches your country, such as Australia post, Royal Mail etc. 

  • EMS Express
    EMS is a little faster and you can track your packages through the EMS portal. These items get expedited through customs and can arrive at your doorstep faster. Expect this service to take around 4 days to 2 weeks 
    Use this service to avoid paying extra taxes when you receive your package.

    Self explanatory, although DHL is known for some items in Europe to incur a charge on the other end when you are receiving your package you can rest assured your package is delivered with speed and safety. It is one of the fastest ways to ship if you need that item FAST!