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Atlas-450 is a kind of micro brushless FPV delta-wing airplane base on the design idea of reliability, safety and concise, her flight time is as long as 20 minutes! Park flying or indoor flying is suitable for Atlas-450, flying in even more difficult environment will be suitable too. Innovative design concepts for electronic parts on Atlas-450 FPV (no matter on its hardware or software) are high efficiency/concise/online upgrading. The power switchable analog onboard VTX is very effective on power saving and avoids signal interference with other on scene VTXs. Power system. Our engineers spent many hours perfecting the construction and power system of this aircraft and tested many prototypes to make sure Atlas-450 lived up to expectations, powerful performance, flight speed and flight time are well balanced and perfected!
Besides, as Atlas-450 provides as many as 7 optional onboard compatible receives of different protocols, such as DSMX/DSM2, DEVO, Futaba-SFHSS, FrSky-D8, FlySky-AFHDS(2A), Hubsan compatible, if modelers already have those transmitters, they don’t need to pay for a transmitter again.


Item Number: Atlas-450
Length: 230mm (9.0 in)
Wing span: 450mm (17.7 in.)
Height: 43mm (1.7 in.)
Flight weight: 67g (including a 500mAh/2S/25C)
Flight time: 20 minutes (Note 1)
Flight distance: 250~300 meters( Note 2)
Onboard receiver (Note 3): DSMX/2; Futaba-SFHSS; FrSky-D8; FS-AFHDS -2A (Optional)
Motor: brushless motor MX-T 1103 (6400KV)
Prop: MX-P2425(60mm)
Servo: LSM1300 *2
Camera: 600TVL, 120 degree wide angle, CMOS PAL
Video transmitter: 2-geared power switchable VTX(25mw/150mw), 40CH frequencies (can be upgraded online)

Note 1: Flight time was with 500mAh 7.4V25C lipoly battery, 50% throttle was the lowest during the flight (no 0 power gliding), 100% throttle when it was climbing, default of VTX is 25mw, outdoor flight within a radius of 300 meters, no wind or breeze.
Note 2: The VTX was 25mw while it was flying within a radius of 300 meters, it was a distance that pilot couldn’t judge the real flying position of Atlas-450 from the third view.
Note 3: There are 3 types of hardware for the built-in receivers: A-CYRF6936: B-CC2500; C-A7105, among them, one hardware can support several receiver protocols, that is to say, dealers or customers only need to change the receiver’s firmware to support a different receiver protocol by using just one receiver hardware. But hardware A can’t support protocols that hardware B or C supported, it would be same to hardware B or C to A, for example: B-CC2500 hardware can support B1- Futaba SFHSS and B2- FrSky-D8 protocols, but it can’t support A1-DSMX/2 or C1-FlySky-AFHDS protocols etc. Besides, an outside receiver can also be connected to the control board even it already gets an built-in receiver.

Receiver Option:
1. 8CH Sbus output Frsky D8 Mode Receiver
2. 6CH PPM output Flysky AFHDS 2A Mode Receiver
3. DSM2/DSMX compatible Receiver
Futaba-SFHSS compatible Receiver
1. Frsky Receiver Support FRSKY taranis X9D/ X9D PLUS (D8 mode), and XJT (D8 Mode), DJT DFT DHT Transmitter.
2. Flysky Receiver Support FS-i4, FS-i6, FS-i6S, FS-i6X, FS-i10, FS-GT2E, FS-GT2G, FS-GT2F, Turnigy Evolution Transmitter.
3. DSM2/DSMX Receiver Support Spectrum/JR (DSM2/DSMX protocol) DEVO10/DEVO 7E(with deviation firmware).
4. Futaba Receiver Support all
SFHSS Transmitter.

Equipment Required (Not included):
Charger: SkyRC charger
FPV monitor or a VR goggles
Battery: 300mAh~600mAh 7.4V 25C

Package includded:
1X Atlas-450 FPV micro-wing ( with FPV equipments, compatible receivers, VTX etc.)

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