Edge Racing Lite 2205 KV2300 & KV2480

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All lite version motors are made of strong 7075 aluminum alloy produced in USA. We recommend lite version for free style and extreme flight. For speed racing and practice the normal version should be a better choice due to its high durability and similar power. The sacrifice compared to the Lite version is around 2 more grams weight per motor.

Features of Edge Racing motors:
Designed for FPV racing and widely tested by top pilots.
High thrust and excellent efficiency.
Smooth operation.
Normal version is ultra strong
Lite version provides the best thrust/weight ratio and maintains decent durability.
Hardened hollow steel shaft makes the motor strong and light.
NMB bearing in normal version, and EZO bearings in lite version. Both are high quality Japanese products.
High temperature oxygen-free copper wires in normal version, and silver-plated wires in lite version.
Knurled prop mount and nylon inserted prop nut.
Soft silicone wires.