Elf Carbon Upgrade

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Elf Carbon Upgrade

We all know the DYS Elf frame is a bit weak on the base plate and the prop protectors. 

This prop protector kit is perfect for being able to convert those important bits over to make it stronger and stiffer all round on the frame. 

There is a little DIY with this kit if your upgrading the center section also, but don't worry all the parts are included. 

Whats in the pack? 

  1. Upgraded bottom plate
  2. Upgraded carbon center rings
  3. Screw and standoff kit
  4. Velcro strap to adjust to different batteries

**Important Notice** 

There is 2 versions of elf from DYS, one has longer screws under the motors and the other doesn't. 

Just make sure you are checking the length of the screw into the motor when bolting the kit together that the screw doesn't go into the motor windings. 

You can either flip the bottom plate upside down or space the screws with some washers if you have the longer screw version. 

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