Gemfan Flash 5152 (Tri Blade)

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Do you feel the need for speed?

Gemfan have always been the leaders in Prop innovation. 

Finally the perfect hybrid prop for the ultimate response on those high KV quads


Enough Said!

The Gemfan 5152 has been specifically designed as a high-speed propeller. The inverse tip design helps to reduce blade tip vortex and the light weight of the propeller means it has a smaller moment of inertia and fast response time.


  • Brand Name: Gemfan

  • Item Name: Gemfan 5152 - 3 Blade Propeller - PC (Set of 4)

  • Installing Diameter: 5mm

  • Weight: 3.6g


  • 2x CW Propellers

  • 2x CCW Propellers

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