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Khole (noun)

An intense out of body experience, where one is sometimes connected with Spirits.


When you see it you will realise, only a higher state of consciousness could have brought this frame to realisation!


One and a half years in the making and thanks to an Amazing collaboration between 2 of the most cutting edge FPV companies on the scene UndergroundFPV & FU-RC, The Khole is born. A Born and Bred Racer, like no other on the market!


An intense process of variable laminate thickness moulding is used to create this beauty. We have built on the Industry leading reputation & design of the Kore and have introduced all the specifics that pilots wanted to make the Khole the beast it is.


To give you an idea of the process the Tungsten moulds for the Khole took close on 6 months to make, being forged and crafted by wizards in a secret lair. A solid block of Tungsten was carefully cut and finished off by hand to give ultra smooth finishes to the K-Hole


Some of the K-Holes main features are listed below:

  • Replaceable locking arms
  • Self seating/locking motor mounts specific for the new FU-RC Motor
  • Ability to use Regular motors with traditional bolt pattern
  • Extremely light weight
  • Dual Camera Capability
  • Ability to take a full Electronics stack
  • 65g with Hardware - Possibility of Sub 60g
  • Ability to Mount a GoPro


With the industries best carbon fibre being utilised and an ip protected moulding process. You know this is as close to Nirvana as you are going to get.


We innovate to Dominate…. Get Ready….. The Khole is here!