Kamikaze Pro DSHOT 40A

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The new DSHOT Kamikaze_S ESC runs BLHELI_S (J_H_90) firmware on BB21 MCU, offer the best performance for Race multicopters.

Its using the QFN5x6 Power Mosfet instead tiny QFN 3x3 Mosfet(The other ESC using), which delivers more current, better cooling and less heat.

Although the ESC is rated to 30 Amps, you will actually get about 40A max out of it, and rated up to 6S for those insane builds.

Input voltage up to 24.8V - 6S.



  • BB21 MCU, Runs BLHELI_S firmware (J_H_90)

  • Oneshot / Multishop supports

  • 3X RGB LED

  • 15*30mm

This is the official tested upgrade kit for DSHOT on the Shuriken X1, stay tuned on our facebook page for the PID's of this ESC

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