Kamikaze Extreme 8S BL32 32Bit ESC's - V3

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V3 - Now Shipping

Compared to the previous Metal ESC, this has a 2200uf cap on board and uses a digital current sensor. The digital current sensor provides more precision and eliminates drift. It also doesn't require the 0.5 mohm resistor in the circuit, reducing any power loss and offering more power overall.

An extreme ESC for extreme pilots!

So you wanna go large and be in charge right! This is a breakthrough thats for sure. Say hi to Warp Factor 10! The Kamikaze Extreme are here!

So what's so Extreme you ask?

  • 8s Stable! 
  • 18 Capacitors
  • Metal FETS
  • 80A (82,5A to be precise)
  • 32Bit
  • <1mΩ FET resistance
  • Double Sided RGB LEDS

Why you ask? Because we can & you wanted it! Top Speed Run Domination here we come!

Running the original BLheli_32 firmware (Fully Licensed & BL32 Approved) No custom configurator BullSh*t just pure unadulterated 32Bit Awesomeness!  

Other incredible features include auto timing, ESC telemetry support, built in current sensor and Double sided RGB LED's so you're sure to have some stand out crew cred right here!

And whats even better?

They're Kamikaze Baby , meaning you are backed by the industries leading warranty. Changing the game for Real, putting Pilots first.

We Got Yo Back!


  • LICENSED 32bit ESC with BLHELI32 firmware
  • Supports 3-8S lipo input (10s possible)
  • Dshot1200 Capable
  • 82,5A Capable
  • 12 Layer PCB
  • Metal FETS
  • 18 Capacitors
  • 18x35mm and 5.8 grams


**If your running 8S or your a hardcore pilot, please remove the Kamikaze sticker before heatshrinking over the top to stop the sticker from melting and shorting the ESC out.
Also, dont forget to set up your current protection! its there to save you if something goes wrong, and it will save and protect your motors or ESC if that chance of failure for whatever reason ever happens** 

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