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KISS F3 32bit Flight Controller v1.03

These KISS Flight Controllers are designed for easy setup and use. Flyduino have taken a different approach to Flight Controllers by designing both the firmware and hardware as one package. Their purpose built firmware is designed specifically for their hardware.

The Flight Controller comes in an “H” style PCB, which is different to most flight controllers, that saves space. This is always a good thing for racing drones.

This is a high-performance F3 32bit flight controller and it will keep your drone flying at extreme pace. There is even the ability to receive live telemetry from supported ESCs. This gives all the data to tune your drone and get the best performance out of your gear.

• Hardware and software designed for each other
• F3 32bit Flight controller
• Support for multiple analog and digital receiver protocols, PPM, Spektrum Sat (Serial), SBUS, Jeti ExBus, Graupner SumD / SUmO, MultiPlex and PWM
• Live telemetry data from supported ESCs
• Download preset configurations from well-known pilots for popular drones
• Supported Copter frames - Tri, Y4, Y6, Quad +/x, Hexa +/x

MCU: STM32F303CCT6 (ARM Cortex-M4, 72MHz) F3 32bit
IMO: MPU6050
Voltage: 2-6S (direct, max. 5s recommended)
Mounting Holes: 3x3cm pattern with 3.2mm holes (compatible with most frame types)
Weight: 4.6g