Kore Motor

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No pretty DJI colours, no fruity flavours, no giving you less material and charging you more cash.
Just straight up Man spec motors for hype train haters.
10 months in the making, the Ko5 2205.5 motors have suffered the same intense test and tune process all FU-RC products endure. Japanese QC made to the very highest spec available the Ko5 is smooth as silk and a power monster ...over 1400g of thrust on 4s and able to be run on 5s or 6s with consideration given to prop choice and only weighting in at a mere 28g, 2206 POWER with 2205 weight without giving less mounting screw holes or removing the protective base and without compromising the motors strength.

FU-RC tested the motor along side the Kore to give the motor the lowest rotational drag of any motor available anywhere bar NONE ! NO stone was left unturned in the design and manufacturing process, n50h magnets are used in the motor to give crazy power and amazing heat resistance! There are a large number of new spec motors available now with big kv (rpm) abilities however after a hard sustained flight of a minute or so the motor will lose power and begin to feel like a lower KV motor, this is a result of heat effecting the magnets ability to produce its rated power this is most noticeable when increasing the voltage supply to 5s or 6s. While new spec magnets such as n52 have amazing power they loose this power very quickly once heated past their given rating (normally around 120 degrees F) N50h spec magnets are more than double this rating and have a higher power rating as well.

Whats in the box?
Single Box
  • K05 Motor, and 4 titanium screws

5 Pack

  • 5 K05 motors with 4 sets of titanium screws and the Monkey Grip battery Pack