Rush Tank Race

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Rush VTX LOCK-ON technology is designed to bring pilots the best video quality during multiplayer flight. It maintains a perfect channel lock while overcoming high temperatures and vibrations.

Zero Interference

Normally a VTX will interfere with nearby pilots VTX while on and during setup when scanning bands, but Rush Tank can eliminate the interference using PIT MODE, so the Rush VTX can be set up anywhere anytime.

Pit Mode is optimized for competitions. When activated the power LED will flash and the VTX power will automatically be adjusted to its lowest level. In this mode video is only receivable very close to the VTX.

Stable Power Supply System

Drone power systems have developed a lot, however during rapid throttle changes there may be some power drops and spikes which can affect VTX systems. RUSH RACE is specifically designed to smooth out power spikes using LC filters which eliminate any interference that could affect video quality.

RUSH RACE works perfectly with 8S HV LIPO batteries.


Slim & Durable

RUSH RACE features a strong metal casing that not only protects the VTX from harsh environments and wear, but also assists in heat dissipation. Combined with a compact, light design (4mm thick weighing in at only 5.7g), the RUSH RACE is the perfect fit for many smaller frames.


Easy Operation

RUSH RACE is built with officially licensed TBS SmartAudio. Setup is quick and easy and can be configured to display information via OSD using SmartAudio via a serial port on the flight controller.




Input Voltage: 7-36V 2-8S HV LIPO

Output Voltage/Max Current: 5V 1A

Channels: 37 (US Version)

Transmission Power: PIT/25/50/100/200mW

Size: 21.5x4mm

Weight: 5.7g (Without Cable)