SpiroNET v2 5.8GHz RHCP Diversity Bundle (2 antennas)

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Want Double Everything? Here you Go!

The Diversity package might just be the ultimate antenna combination for your diversity goggle modules. The combination of an Omni, plus a Patch, for headset use, is about as good as it gets!

The Patch is far more compact than 'helical' alternatives, and essentially doubles the range of 5.8GHz receivers and increases signal penetration. The v2 SpiroNET omni has the following new features: - Retooled cap, with a modified translucent plastic composition, now ultrasonically welded onto the base. - Extended frequency response, ideal for 'low band' use during licensed events.

Double the Antenna's, Double the Range, What more could you need?

Bundle Includes:
1x SpiroNET v2 Omni Headset antenna, with right-angle SMA, optimized for headset use
1x SpiroNET 8dBi RHCP Patch
1x 45 degree SMA adapter, for patch mounting.