Warlark Pro Brushless Motor (1103 -6400kV)

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Your Warlark Pro in need of spares or are you planning a micro build?

We got the goods!

This is a direct replacement for the Warlark Pro, sporting 1103-6400kV specs under the hood. 3.3g including the cables this featherlight powerhouse will give your 80mm-120mm class micro the lift it needs.

Connector: 1.5mm JST 3P connector
Cable Length: 30mm.
Intended Use: 80mm class to 120mm class
Size: 1103
Weight: 3.3g including cables
Shaft: 1.5mm
KV: 6400KV 
Ideal current: 0.18A/3.7V
Max current: 2A
Mount screw size: M1.2

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