Switchblade X1 Frame

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The Switchblade

Want freedom of choice? Want to change up on the fly? Want to be the slickest bad ass'd Pilot on the Block? We Give you the Switchblade!

The Switchblade is our ultra convertible frame a no fuss & Hardcore to the bone beauty!
Using the parts provided in the kit, you can change up your style using only 2 screws:

  1. Pure X
  2. Stretch X
  3. Dead Cat
  4. Stretch Cat

Designed to keep the camera height as low as possible and in the center of the frame without getting the props in view. 

Integrated GoPro or Runcam 3 mount on the top for all your HD filming requirements. 

Available in 3 flavours of Mean:

Individual stretch X arms to replace the stock arms. 

Full set of 4 arms.

Bad to the Bone:
The Full kit to convert your original X1 board into a 30x30 stack to utilise other FC's such as the raceflight revolt.  

High Quality Carbon and all the right finishing touches, make the Switchblade fight ready!

Cut the competition up and walk away the Winner!

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