Switchblade X1 Baseplate - 30x30 FC conversion

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This baseplate is the center section of the Switchblade frame, and also retrofits into the X1, and X1 v2 allowing you to use a 30x30 flight controller instead of the original all in 1 board on the X1. 

Whats included?
  1. Center base plate conversion
  2. Middle stack spreader, with a wider hole for the FC


 The original arms for the X1 need to be modified if you want to use this kit to retro a 30x30 board into your X1. Its a minor modification with a dremel, but it is possible. 

Alternatively, we have already done it for you, and you can upgrade to beefier, and stronger arms, 

  • Stretch X
  • Stretch Dead Cat
  • Pure X
  • Dead Cat 

Configurations as above with our "X1 Tank" arm kit. 

What do you need?
You need your own screws to bolt down your standoffs for the FC, and you will need your standoffs, we recommend rubber ones if your using our Kamikaze F7, or nylon will do just fine if you use a Kakute F3. 

(We know, were working on the screw and standoff kit now, it will be available shortly)

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